In the ever-expanding global landscape, Vietnam has become a hub for foreign individuals and businesses seeking opportunities and growth. With this international presence comes a crucial responsibility – complying with the local tax regulations. Personal Income Tax (PIT) is an integral part of this financial obligation, and for foreigners residing or conducting business activities in Vietnam, understanding and adhering to these tax requirements is paramount. In this post, we will delve into the PIT Services For Foreigners in Vietnam; as well as exploring the need for such services and their many benefits.

Whether you’re a foreign individual navigating the intricacies of taxation or a business with international employees, this guide will shed light on the essential PIT services available to ensure legal compliance and financial well-being in the Vietnamese market.

Personal Income Tax

PIT stands for “Personal Income Tax,” which is the income tax that workers in Vietnam are required to pay on their earnings. It is deducted from a portion of their salary or other sources of income after deductions. This is an important financial method that the government uses to collect resources for the budget and implement income redistribution policies to reduce inequality. By applying taxes to personal income, individuals with higher incomes will have to contribute a larger share to the budget compared to those with lower incomes.

Vietnam has established tax brackets, individual exemptions, family deductions, as well as taxable and non-taxable income types. Additionally, tax rates are applied based on an individual’s income level, creating a tiered tax system.

It is crucial to have a good understanding of the information and comply with the legal requirements to ensure that taxes are filed and paid correctly. This not only helps avoid legal risks but also demonstrates responsibility to the community and society. Therefore, PIT Services For Foreigners in Vietnam are available to assist foreigners and FDIs in fulfilling their tax obligations accurately and completely.

PIT is the income tax that workers in Vietnam are required to pay on their earnings.
PIT is the income tax that workers in Vietnam are required to pay on their earnings.

Do Expats in Vietnam Need to Declare PIT?

Subject of PIT Declaration

The subjects of Personal Income Tax (PIT) declaration in Vietnam include:

  • For Resident: These are individuals who are present within the territory of Vietnam for 183 days or more in a tax year or a continuous period of 12 months from the date of arrival in Vietnam. The taxable income of resident individuals includes income generated both within and outside the territory of Vietnam.
  • For Non-Resident: These are individuals who are present within the territory of Vietnam for fewer than 183 days in a tax year. The taxable income of non-resident individuals is only income generated within Vietnam.

For foreigners who are workers in Vietnam:

  • If they fall into the category of “resident” as defined above, they are required to declare and pay personal income tax for all income generated within and outside Vietnam. However, taxes already paid in another country may be considered for exemption or reduction based on double taxation avoidance agreements between Vietnam and that country.
  • If they fall into the category of “non-resident“. they only need to declare and pay personal income tax for income earned within Vietnam.

Do Expats Need to Declare PIT?

Foreigners in Vietnam must adhere to PIT requirements based on their length of stay and work in the country. It is vital for them to understand and comply with tax regulations to mitigate potential legal risks.

Foreigners who work in Vietnam are also subject to PIT on their income earned within the country.
Foreigners who work in Vietnam are also subject to PIT on their income earned within the country.

To comply with tax regulations in Vietnam, foreigners are required to do the following:

  • Obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN): Foreigners need to obtain a TIN from the local tax authorities. This is usually done through their employer or individually, depending on their situation.
  • File Tax Returns: Foreigners are required to file regular tax returns, typically on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on their income. These returns detail their earnings and tax deductions.
  • Pay Taxes: Taxes owed are typically withheld by the employer and remitted to the tax authorities on behalf of the employee. However, in some cases, individuals may need to make additional payments if their tax liability exceeds the amount withheld.
  • Keep Records: It’s important for foreigners to maintain proper records of their income, deductions, and tax-related documents to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

PIT Services for foreigners in Vietnam

PIT Services For Foreigners in Vietnam refers to services and assistance provided to foreign individuals working or residing in Vietnam to help them navigate and fulfill their PIT obligations in the country. These services typically include:

✅ Tax Consultation: Providing guidance and information on the PIT regulations in Vietnam, including tax rates, deductions, and exemptions, to help foreigners understand their tax obligations.

✅ Tax Registration: Assisting foreigners in obtaining a TIN from the local tax authorities, which is a prerequisite for filing taxes in Vietnam.

✅ Tax Calculation: Helping individuals calculate their taxable income and determine the amount of PIT owed based on their income sources, deductions, and applicable tax rates.

✅ Tax Filing: Assisting with the preparation and submission of PIT declarations and returns to ensure that they are accurately completed and filed on time.

✅ Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs): Advising on and facilitating the application of any double taxation avoidance agreements that may exist between Vietnam and the foreigner’s home country to prevent double taxation.

✅ Record Keeping: Providing guidance on keeping proper records of income and expenses related to tax obligations to ensure compliance with tax laws.

✅ Compliance Support: Offering ongoing support to help individuals comply with PIT regulations. Which includes updates on changes in tax laws and regulations.

✅ Tax Optimization: Advising on legal methods and strategies to optimize tax liability while ensuring full compliance with tax laws.

✅ Representation: Acting as a representative on behalf of foreigners when dealing with tax authorities or resolving any tax-related issues or disputes.

Why choose Tax Services at NNC
Why choose Tax Services at NNC

These services are typically offered by tax professionals, accounting firms, or specialized agencies in Vietnam that specialize in assisting foreigners with their tax obligations. It’s essential for foreigners to seek reliable and up-to-date assistance to ensure compliance with Vietnam’s tax laws and avoid legal issues.

Why do Non-Resident Need PIT Service?

Differences in laws and tax systems

Vietnam’s tax regulations can be intricate and challenging to understand, especially for those not familiar with the local tax system. PIT laws, rates, deductions, and exemptions may differ from the individual’s home country. Utilizing PIT Services for foreigners in Vietnam ensures that foreigners can navigate these complexities effectively.

Besides, many tax documents and communication with the tax authorities are in Vietnamese. Foreigners who do not speak the language fluently may struggle to comprehend important tax-related information. PIT services provide translation and interpretation support, ensuring clear communication with tax authorities.

Legal risks

Mitigating legal risks is a crucial factor when engaging in any business activities in a foreign country. However, without a solid understanding of the specific expertise, foreign workers face legal consequences, including fines and tax liabilities due to non-compliance with prevailing regulations.

For foreigners operating in Vietnam, grasping and adhering to tax regulations becomes even more complex due to cultural differences, and language barriers. This isn’t just a matter of incurring financial penalties but also impacts the reputation of individuals or businesses in the community. Therefore, avoiding legal risks not only safeguards financial interests but also ensures sustainable operations within the business environment.

Legal risks are one of the leading concerns of foreign workers in Vietnam
Legal risks are one of the leading concerns of foreign workers in Vietnam

Saving time and effort

Filing taxes, for many people, is a complicated and time-consuming process, requiring a thorough understanding of regulations, forms and instructions. In addition, collecting, verifying and sending necessary information also takes a lot of effort. For foreigners or those who are not tax experts, carrying out these procedures on their own can be time-consuming and cause many difficulties. Taking advantage of professional services in the tax field not only helps them reduce their burden, but also ensures that personal income tax filing is done accurately and efficiently.

Tax Optimization

Many foreigners working in Vietnam may also have income sources or tax liabilities in their home countries. Double taxation can occur if both Vietnam and the home country tax the same income. PIT services can help foreigners take advantage of double taxation avoidance agreements to minimize their tax burden legally.

Without expert guidance, foreigners may end up overpaying taxes or missing out on available deductions and exemptions. PIT Services for foreigners in Vietnam can help optimize tax liabilities, ensuring that individuals pay only what is legally required. Moreover, specialists also offer advice on legal tax optimization strategies. Which allows foreigners to structure their finances in a tax-efficient manner, ultimately preserving more of their earnings.

Benefit of PIT Services For Foreigners in Vietnam

Professionalism and Accuracy: Professional firms typically employ experienced and formally trained tax consultants who stay updated on tax law changes. These tax experts understand accounting and tax regulations, ensuring precise and legally compliant tax filings.

Legal Risk Reduction: With an in-depth understanding of Vietnam’s tax system and tax filing practices, these services help minimize legal risks associated with tax violations and legal consequences.

Time Savings: Customers are relieved of the time-consuming task of researching and keeping up with tax laws. This allows them to focus on their core business activities and responsibilities.

Cost Optimization: While using these services may have initial costs, they often lead to long-term savings. Tax declaration services for foreigners in Vietnam can help avoid unforeseen fines and expenses resulting from misunderstanding tax regulations.

Benefit of PIT Services For Foreigners in Vietnam
Benefit of PIT Services For Foreigners in Vietnam

Assistance During Tax Audits: In the event of a tax audit, having support from a team of tax experts can expedite the process and make it more efficient.

Deep Expertise: Tax professionals have extensive experience in dealing with complex tax situations and practical scenarios. Customers receive expert advice and assistance in tax planning.

Timely Support: When questions or issues arise related to taxes, customers can quickly get answers and find suitable solutions.

Where to Outsource PIT Services For Foreigners in Vietnam

In the context of integration and development, foreign workers in Vietnam are facing an increasing demand for PIT services for foreigners in Vietanm. With the diversity of the current service market, choosing a reputable and high-quality partner is not always easy.

When choosing a provider for PIT services for foreigners in Vietnam, consider the following factors:

  • Reputation: Look for providers with a good reputation and a track record of assisting foreigners with tax matters.
  • Expertise: Ensure that the provider has experience and expertise in Vietnamese tax regulations, especially those related to foreign individuals and businesses.
  • Cost: Compare service fees and ensure that they align with your budget.
  • References: Ask for references or reviews from other foreigners who have used their services.
  • Compliance: Verify that the provider is licensed and compliant with Vietnamese regulations.

To help customers save time and resources in searching for a reliable partner, we are proud to introduce NN Consulting. One of the leading entities in Vietnam providing PIT services for foreigners in Vietnam.

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NN Consulting takes pride in its reputation and extensive experience in this field, serving as a trusted partner to many FDI enterprises from countries such as Japan, South Korea, and numerous others. At NNC, customer trust and satisfaction are not only top priorities but also sources of motivation.

PIT Services For Foreigners in Vietnam Deployment at NNC

1. Document Verification and Review:

  • Ensure that all documents related to the income of foreigners are collected comprehensively.
  • Check the validity and accuracy of documents such as invoices, receipts, and other paperwork.
Tax filing service for foreigners
Tax filing service for foreigners

2. Document Completion:

  • Identify missing or incorrect documents.
  • Contact customers or relevant parties to gather or verify necessary information.

3. Tax Declaration Preparation:

  • Determine taxable income and deductions.
  • Fill out the tax declaration form accurately following the regulations of the Vietnamese tax authority.

3. PIT Calculation:

  • Apply tax laws and rates corresponding to the foreign individual’s income.
  • Calculate the amount of tax owed based on income and deductions.

4. Tax Report Verification:

  • Audit tax reports to ensure all information is accurate and complete.
  • Verify and confirm the tax level for VAT and CIT (if applicable).

5. Outstanding Issue Notification:

  • Inspect and review all documents, accounting records, and tax-related procedures.
  • Assess the impact of each outstanding issue on the customer’s tax obligations and the severity of any violations.
  • Determine the risk of penalties, tax arrears, or other legal consequences.
  • Based on risk analysis, provide recommendations and optimal solutions to address the issue.

6. Tax Return Procedure (if applicable):

  • Verify the conditions for tax refund eligibility.
  • Prepare a refund request dossier, including relevant documents and invoices.
  • Submit the dossier to the tax authority and monitor the processing progress.
  • Receive the refunded tax amount and record it in the accounting ledger.
Tax Return Service For Foreigners in Vietnam
Tax Return Service For Foreigners in Vietnam

7. In-Depth Tax Law Consultation:

  • Provide advice on new regulations related to PIT, CIT.
  • Offer guidance on taxable and non-taxable income.
  • Instruct on how to complete personal income tax declarations.
  • Assist with year-end PIT settlements.

Advantage of Service for Foreigners at NNC

⭐ Professionalism and Accuracy: With a highly skilled and experienced team, NNC ensures precise and accurate tax filing, helping businesses avoid unwanted legal risks.

⭐ Reputation and Experience: NNC has collaborated with numerous FDI enterprises in Vietnam and is recognized as one of the leading units in this field. Our reputation is built on trust, quality, and customer satisfaction.

⭐ Time and Cost Savings: PIT Services For Foreigners in Vietnam helps businesses reduce legal and financial burdens. NNC optimizes costs for businesses through effective tax consulting.

⭐ InDepth Consultation: In addition to our core services, we provide detailed advice on salary, taxes, and legal regulations. Which ensures businesses stay updated and comply with regulations.

⭐ Prompt Support: With a professional customer support system, any questions or issues are handled promptly and efficiently.

⭐ Tax Refund Assistance: In cases businesses are eligible for tax refunds, NNC accompanies them from document preparation to issue resolution.

⭐ Flexible Services: Whether your business is small or large, we offers flexible service packages tailored to specific needs.

Some Questions Related to PIT Declaration for Foreigners in Vietnam

1. What is the deadline for submitting tax settlement documents?

The deadline for submitting tax settlement documents for the year is before or on the 90th day, counted from the end of the calendar year or fiscal year.

2. What do customers need to prepare to use the PIT services for foreigners in Vietnam?

Customers need to provide complete and accurate information related to income and tax deductions, including the following:

  • For businesses: Prepare reports and detailed payroll statements for monthly wages and salaries.
  • For individuals: Must have income confirmation documents and receipts related to tax deductions and payments.

If not using the services of a tax agent, customers need to sign on the personal income tax declaration form and submit this report to the tax authority as required by regulations.

3. How to Calculate PIT or Foreigners?

For foreigners with the status of permanent residents:

  • What is a permanent resident?
    • A person who stays in Vietnam for 183 days or more in a calendar year or continuously for 12 consecutive months;
    • Or, a person who has a regular place of residence in Vietnam as defined by residency regulations or has a lease of a house in Vietnam with a contract for 183 days or more.
  • Tax for permanent residents is applied on a progressive scale (Higher income is subject to higher tax rates).

For foreigners who are not permanent residents:

  • Who are non-permanent residents?
    • Those who do not meet the conditions for permanent residency.
    • How to calculate tax for non-permanent residents:
  • Personal income tax = Taxable income x 20%.

Note: 20% income tax will be deducted for non-permanent resident foreigners.

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